A large tempo

Well, well, well. Somehow we got to Friday already, and how we got there, I am not sure that has happened all of a sudden, but hey, I guess that means we are now closer to the weekend? Most weeks you wait and wait for the weekend to be here, but honestly, I am ready for it to be next week at this point.

This weekend is going to be a long one, I am afraid. I mean, it should be good, it should be fun, but I feel like there is going to be a lot of pressure on J, Addie and I. We will have family in our house from Friday night to Tuesday morning, and that is a very long time. Not that I am not looking forward to seeing family that we have not seen since Thanksgiving. I definitely am. I just feel like that is a long time to have company in your house, especially in our current situation, you know, with a one year old.

But, oh well, family coming in should be an exciting and fun time. So we will just go with it, right?

Yesterday was a rough workout. I modified my runcoach plan slightly to fit in the workout that I knew that I would have time for, which somewhat feels difficult, but also is the right thing to do in most cases. So let's go through what the workout was, and what I actually did.

I had a tempo run scheduled for yesterday. Here is the plan.
2 mile warm up.
4 miles @ 7:41
5 minute jog
10x100m @ 6:25, with 30s recovery
1.5 mile cooldown
9-10 total miles.

So 9-10 total miles is tough to get in one shot on a day when I work. And honestly, I was beat, so I did not get up in the morning before work like I was supposed to either. So I figured I would break the run into two pieces to get all of the mileage and all of the parts, but be able to fit them into the life that I set myself up with. So the lunchtime run would be a tempo, then after work I would get out for the 10x100.

At lunchtime I dressed in my hot weather running clothes (it was about 77 degrees and HUMID!) and headed out. I had my brand new garmin that J got me for our anniversary (I will talk about this later) and I switched it on to go! The plan was 6 miles. 1 mile warm up/cool down and the 4 tempo miles.

After the 1 mile warm up, I kicked up my pace. Admittedly, one mile is not typically enough for me to feel perfect, so on my first mile I was still warming up a bit.
Mile 1: 7:45
Mile 2: 7:34
Mile 3: 7:41
Mile 4: 7:33
When I was wrapping up my cooldown mile, I realized I was going to come close to a sub-50 minute 10K which was a goal I had. So I decided to kick it up for the last 0.2 and finish a 10K and get that sub-50. So run 1 of the day: 6.2 miles in 49:28.

So one of the neat things about my new watch is that you can send workouts to it. So yesterday afternoon I planned out how I wanted the second half of the workout to look, programmed it into my computer, and then synced the workout to my watch. That meant all I had to do was scroll through my watch before we left to get to the workout and press go. The watch would beep at my intervals!

For ease of track, I changed the intervals. I decided to do 1/10 mile with the same recovery. So the plan was the following:
0.5 mile warm up (for the 5 min after the tempo!)
10x 0.10 miles/0.10 recovery
1.5 mile cooldown

J had a fantasy football draft last night, so I was going to have to do this with the stroller. So I knew that it was likely that I was not going to be able to hit the paces that were my goal. But I was just going to run on effort. Between the humidity and pushing a 20 lb baby in the BOB, I was just going to run hard for the intervals, and easy in between. Here were my splits for the speed portion.
Interval 1 - 6:29
Interval 2 - 6:49
Interval 3 - 6:46
Interval 4 - 7:32
Interval 5 - 6:19 (!!!)
Interval 6 - 7:53
Interval 7 - 6:40
Interval 8 - 6:52
Interval 9 - 7:31
Interval 10 - 6:31

So I hit one at the prescribed pace. Oh well. I was pushing the stroller, and I was running back and forth on a hill in my subdivision. So some of these are uphill, some are down, and my paces are reflective of that. But I am really happy overall. I ran 4 miles in 35:30 or an 8:52 average pace. With the stroller, that is great!

Did you run a tempo this week?


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