time flies + need for clarity

I am struggling with the fact that it is the 25th of July. Seriously. How did it get to be late July already? Not only that, but I will have a 1 year old in two weeks (two weeks from tomorrow to be specific)! How did all of this happen? Not only that, but little Miss Almost One is battling bedtime, last night with Daddy.
Yep, she is supposed to be sleeping, and yes, she looks exhausted, but there she is, standing up and grinning at her Daddy. You can't necessarily see the grin behind that bink (omg, I HATE to think about taking it away from her, but it is coming...), but look at her eyes. You can tell.

My whole balanced life thing definitely seems to be struggling these days. Work is on the front burner all the time, and not much else is. Obviously, when I am home, Addie is, but that just is not enough. I need more time to play with her and enjoy her. I need time to hang out and do things with her. We need more pool time. Parks. Walks. Outside yard playing. Everything that we don't get time for now. Also the zoo sounds like it could be a blast. Especially now that she is interested in EVERYTHING.

And those are just the things I want to do with Addie. It is just that weekends are so crammed with running for me, naps for Addie (seriously. Girl takes like a 3 hour nap most weekend mornings), and golf for J, plus cleaning, errands, etc, that we do not do any of the fun things that we would enjoy doing. We need to set our priorities differently and really do more fun.

So that kind of gets me thinking. Maybe I really need to change. Not just how I feel about work or my family or the time we spend together, but maybe I really need to spend some significant time setting some goals around how I truly want my life to look. At some point in time, I really need to take the time to figure that out. It has not been easy to even think about, much less make happen because that lack of balance is ever present.

I have wanted this blog to focus on a healthy and balanced life. That balance comes in every form. So I guess since I have put that out there, I suppose it is time for me to make a list and look at the different aspects of my life I need to figure out. So, in no particular order...
1. Work
2. Family (Addie, doggies)
3. Relationship (me + J)
4. self
5. health

So, that is a solid list, and obviously there are lots of intricacies to it, and some areas that overlap with others (there is a seriously argument to be made that self & health can definitely go together since running fits in both categories).

Are you in the same boat as I am? How do you create balance in your life? What tips do you have for me as I finally REALLY focus on this endeavor?


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