RnR Chicago 5K

I am sure it has become no secret that I am obsessed with all things running. Obviously this includes my beloved Oiselle, who has allowed me to be a part of an amazing group of women for the last year, and I am just beginning to kick off my second year of racing with them.
Plus I love to run with Olympians. So far, prior to this past weekend, I had run with Ryan Hall in the Flying Pig 10K. And I had forgotten, but in 2012 when I ran in Vegas, I also ran with Meb. He paced the 1:30 half marathon group. Maybe one day I will actually be able to run in his pace group, but still, I call this racing with Olympians. This past weekend in Chicago, I was able to add another to that list.


She ran the 5K on Saturday at the RnR Chicago, which I ran (can't say raced, as it certainly was not, even for me) after the Billy Joel concert. She ran it as a shakeout (I assume) to get ready for the half on Sunday (which she won!). I met her briefly following the race before she took off running (I assume 3.1 miles is not a sufficient shake out run for an athlete of her caliber).

But then I looked at the race results. I was 14th woman overall (there were not age groups for the Saturday race) out of 737 (top 2% sounds like success in my book!) and definitely was not anywhere near a PR pace, but honestly, it had been a pretty long day on Friday. I was in the car for just over 5 hours getting to Chicago, we drank a decent amount during the day at Revolution Brewing and at dinner with some friends, we went to a concert, we hiked all over Wrigleyville trying to get away from the huge crowds to find a car (we ended up on a train), and we did not get back to the hotel until after midnight.

My legs had no interest in moving that morning. I ran about 2 miles as a warm up (plus a little walking) and I just could not get things moving the way that I wanted. It took all the way until the end of the race (we ran all along the lakefront path) for them to move the way that I like them to move and feeling like things were going quickly enough. But I still got the race run, and for that, I was happy.

And something else? Something super motivating about it?
I finished right after Shalane. Granted, she was running this as a shakeout prior to the half (which she WON!) and I am guessing she ran a few more miles after this, but still. I pretty much paced with an Olympian. And that is awesome.


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