Marathon Training: Week 8 of 20

Another week has come and gone, I am through 8 weeks of training for marathon number 2, the redemption marathon, with only 12 more weeks to go. That is less than three months. My first 20 miler is about a month away (I think I am going to try for 2 of them this cycle). And things are sneaking up on me quickly. I have my first run of OVER half marathon distance since Addie was born (I have run 2 halfs, and done 12-13 a few times) next weekend, and things are quickly growing in distance.
Columbus is hopefully going to be a bit of redemption for me, since this is the marathon that broke my heart two years ago. I am more mentally prepared, I think, than I was before. I honestly think that going into Columbus in 2012 I was mentally burnt out after the Flying Pig in the spring, and that had more impact on me than any injury. I went into that race being Debbie Downer, I think. But this time, I am focused on being as mentally ready as I am physically ready.

So let's look at another week of training.
Monday: Crosstraining. Walked 2.09 miles in a half hour (needed this day after all of the time in the car!)
Tuesday: 7 miles before work. easy pace - 9:01 average
Wednesday: strength workout
Thursday: 6 miles easy pace - 9:08 average
Friday: 6.7 miles, run in the old neighborhood. 8:50 average pace
Saturday: 12 miles, 9:08 pace. 8 miles on treadmill, 4 outside.
Sunday: rest day

34.81 total miles, 1 day cross training, 1 day strength

Overall, a good week!


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