Marathon Training: Week 5 of 20

This week was a rough one. Truly. On Thursday I woke up feeling TERRIBLE. My throat had been sore when I went to bed, but I was feeling just fine otherwise. But then I woke up and could hardly talk. I was completely congested and my voice was a little bit foggy. I went into work that morning and my boss immediately asked if I was sick. I told him that I was sick, it seemed, but I felt fine. (LIES!)

Because of this, and the holiday weekend, my workouts were not up to snuff this weekend at all. In reality, they were pretty much crap.

But at the same time, I am trying to be positive and remember that I still have a decent amount of time before the race actually takes place, so missing a long run now is not too big of a deal. At least, that is what I am trying to tell myself as I feel stressed out about all of it. Especially since I had been doing so great at NAILING my workouts. But I am working hard to remember that it was a holiday weekend and I was definitely not feeling great at all.

So let's review the week anyway, because it gives me something to improve upon for this week.

Monday: 5.5 miles run, speedwork
Tuesday: 2.7 miles run, bootcamp workout
Wednesday: 4 mile run - maintenance pace, 0.5 mile walk
Thursday: 5.5 miles run - maintenance pace
Friday: travel day
Saturday: sick
Sunday 3.6 mile walk with Addie

21.8 total miles, one strength day, one crosstraining day.

I guess the big miss on the week is the long run. And with how I have been feeling, I guess I need to be happy that was the only miss of the week. I really forced myself out on Thursday and yesterday - even though yesterday was just a walk with Addie.

Here's to hoping this week is better!


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