Friday, Finally

Well, this was another week that sort of felt like a short one. I worked from home one day because of Addie's ear infection. Granted, I still ended up with pretty much a full day of work that day, but it was kind of nice to get time at home with the little lady and get a later morning (8:30-ish) run in.

Regardless of any of that, I am relieved to have made it to Friday yet again. These days, getting all the way to Friday can feel like a pretty major accomplishment. Do any other moms with full time jobs (even if your full time job is being a mom?) feel like this?

Every other Friday at the office is particularly awesome these days. Today was one of those Fridays. We have a "chill-n-grill" where we bbq in the parking lot and then enjoy lunch together and teams take turns to host the event. Finance went a few chill n grills ago, and today it was hosted by the marketing team. After logging a little over six miles at lunch, it was nice to come back and not think about what I was going to eat. I had a burger, some sweet potato chips, and a whole lot of fruit. I am working hard at the office to set an example of balance to my coworkers who are currently engaged in a team biggest loser competition.

I ended up covering about 6.5 miles (despite a garmin death) on my pre lunch run. I had been in a super long meeting in the morning which basically increased my very serious NEED to get a decent lunch run in. I suppose that can happen to anyone right?

Does work stress you out to the point of NEEDING to run? If you don't run, have you considered it as a way to deal with the stress?


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