Family 4th in Toledo

Yes, so I have been less than consistent on the blog front. But as you all know, the first week of the month is a busy one for me (ok, so maybe you don't know that if you are new here. So, if you are, the first week of the month is busy for me because I am an accountant, and that week is close). But things around the office are getting more and more smooth with each passing day, and I am definitely pleased with that. I know that eventually I will able to fit everything in that I need to in any given day, and things will finally begin to fall into place. At least, I am praying for that balance to return to my life at the office so I may get some idea of balance in other parts of my life as well. That is my goal right now.

We were in Toledo for the 4th of July weekend, even though I was sick. I think J would have preferred me wimping out on the travel and just stayed home with being sick, but I did want to see my family and allow Addie to have time to see my family as well. Plus, with it being her first 4th, and her being the youngest in the family right now, she got to have first whack at the pinata. Yes, my family makes a pinata for the 4th.
This year, my mom made a ninja turtle. Ok, she actually made ALL 4 ninja turtles. There is one on each side, and that is in honor of the new TMNT movie coming out this summer!

We had a great time there, and we got a little bit of candy (mostly for J and I) when the pinata broke open. Here are a few more pics.

Yep, that is my mom "The Creator" taking her turn hitting the pinata. We go oldest to youngest, and we got all the way through to the parents. (Well, the parents of my cousins and me) Clearly, by the time it got to them, it was pretty much shredded, but the candy still hadn't dropped!

Hope you all had a great 4th as well!


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