Work-at-Home Day

It is Thursday at around 11 am. I am at home, putting in a few hours of work from the couch with little Addie Roo nearby. I got a phone call around 2 pm yesterday from her school saying that she had a fever. Boo for fevers and sick babies. Apparently she was not really acting like herself, and she had just been snuggling with her blankie and her little monkey lovey (that she has claimed as her own at school) and not really playing much. So I picked her up and brought her home, taking the rest of the afternoon off.

She is behaving just fine, but after she took a nap yesterday in the afternoon, her fever was up to 101.8. So that was quite a bit higher than it was when I picked her up at school (when it was only 100.2). But she was still behaving normally. Playing with her toys, eating her dinner, going to the bathroom regularly, etc. She was not super fussy or anything. So other than the fever, it did not seem like she was sick at all! I suspected teething, and knew that she was going to have to be out of school today (24 hours fever-free is the rule) but I figured things were a-ok.

She slept great last night. She rolled around a bit, but she always does that. Didn't wake up and fuss or anything. Since I was not needing to leave quickly to get to work this morning, I let her sleep until she woke up on her own (around 6:40 am) I took her temperature right away (before her bottle or anything) and it was at 101.5. I decided then that I was going to call her pediatrician.

We got in at 9 am, so right after I got off the phone with them (around 8 am) I loaded up the baby, put the pups in their crates and headed out to Mason for her appointment.

Double ear infection. Yuck. The poor little peanut. I am glad she feels ok over all though, because she is still behaving normally. She has started her antibiotics and I am getting some work done. I took a half day today, so I am just going to get as much work done as I can, so I can feel like I am accomplishing some of the things that I need to.

But still, my poor, sick little lady. How do you other moms out there do this? When your kid is sick, do you have a back up plan? Or is it you who is taking the day off work and hanging out at home with the kiddos? Without my family in town here, it is definitely on me to take care of all of this. J goes to work, and I stay home. It is definitely a tricky thing to make sure it works out ok.

If you are a stay at home mom, how do you handle this?


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