Rocking all the miles

Well good morning on a Thursday! I kept thinking all day yesterday that it was Thursday, and as a result, I was very much disappointed to realize that today was not Friday. But I guess I am glad that tomorrow is Friday.

Yesterday I ran in the morning. I got up, took the baby monitor and the dogs to the basement, and flipped on the TV to netflix with plans of 5 easy miles. I found a new show to watch. I decided that it was maybe time to watch "Once Upon a Time." So I watched the first episode while logging those 5 easy miles. Obviously, I am sucked into the show already. I am loving Ginnifer Goodwin, she is one of my favorites, for sure.

So for 5 miles, I kept the pace easy, between 6.4 and 6.7 on the treadmill, to keep my average pace right around the pace that recommended pace for maintenance miles. For my training this cycle, that is 9:14/mile. Training around the paces that were prescribed for me when I was training for the GCM half helped me to pretty much NAIL what was prescribed for finish time. So I guess that basically means that I need to trust the process, especially if I am planning on running a fall full.

So let's have a post run #sweatyselfie


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