PT, Graduated.

I am already nearing the end of my physical therapy journey. I have been working hard every single day to make sure that I am taking full advantage of this opportunity, doing all of my stretches and exercises at home. I know that my right arm is getting stronger. I am less scared to try things that I was once afraid of. Examples of that include a forearm plank (I have been afraid of how the plate would impact my ability to be on my forearm) and a side plank on the right side. I am pretty sure I could have done these things prior to this round of therapy, but it was good to have someone there with me when I attempted them.

My mobility on the elbow is not improved, which means straight arm planks should be avoided, just because I cannot use proper form. In addition, things like overhead squats with any weight are probably also out of the question for form reasons. I just cannot straighten that arm out, so I would imagine that it has the potential to be dangerous.

At this point, my mobility options (for improvement) are rather limited. There is always the option to have a second surgery to have the plate removed. Obviously that would be determined in part by my surgeon and if he even thinks it will be worth it. I mean, surgery is surgery whether it is necessary or just desired. So obviously there are some downfalls to having surgery and risks and complications involved. So I would imagine that there will be a discussion between myself and Dr. Penix, as well as myself and J, since I will be relatively out of commission for a week or so. (PS – about 85% of the time that I type ‘Penix’, I misspell it – tee hee.)

As far as things with the legs go, I have moved past Graston in my sessions. Apparently the fibrous tissue is broken up and it is now on me to continue with the foam rolling/stick using to KEEP it broken up, and to keep this from forming in my other leg or other places. I have moved into running at physical therapy as part of my warm up and doing lots of plyo exercises to help me legs get stronger to stand the pounding that I am putting them through. It feels good to know that I am helping myself in that way. I am working hard to get stronger and be able to put my legs through more and more.

I definitely have had days when I walk out of there that I am feeling it and am sore. Those are definitely the days when I feel less enthusiastic that I have been so gung ho about getting “fixed”. Being strong can make you sore when you are doing a million squats and lunges on a bosu ball, mixed with plyo stuff.

So today (Friday) was my graduation day. I hope I continue to feel great.  


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