Nailed Workout

Despite working at home yesterday, I managed to have a rather productive day. I probably managed to work about 5 hours. I also got the baby to the doctor and kept her fed. I mean, those are important things.
Plus, how many other folks can look so cute with half a grilled cheese sandwich shoved in their face? I know that I don't look that cute. :)

She honestly was totally fine yesterday. Her fever was like 99.0 at the doctor and then completely normal later, and that was without taking Tylenol to lower it. Darn school rules about a fever! She was having a grand ole time playing with all of her toys and stuff, so I brought her to school today. Hopefully she is a-ok, and doesn't have to come home for any reason. *fingers crossed*

I also squeezed in my workout. I got Addie down for a nap in the afternoon. I figured she would take a long afternoon nap since she did not get a long one in the morning, she just got her shorter one since we went to the doctor. I was right - she slept for 3 hours.

I had a threshold run scheduled for yesterday. And although I am preferring outdoor running these days, I do like to do fast stuff on the treadmill because it helps to ensure that I am hitting the appropriate paces. I have been nailing the paces and although struggling sometimes, I am supposed to be at the speedwork paces, right?

Here is the workout:
1.5 mile warm up
2x 1 mile @ 8:06, 400m recovery
1.5 mile cooldown
That gave me 5.5 miles in 48:19. It felt pretty good to accomplish that workout. I am glad that I nailed another one. This week is going well overall.

Are you nailing your training for the week?


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