Marathon Training: Week 4 of 20

Another week of moving forward in marathoning has come and gone. I have already been at this for 4 weeks, which is hard to believe. I am through 4 weeks of training, with 16 more to go. I skipped a weekend of racing with friends in order to potentially focus on the bigger picture. Not wearing myself out or getting hurt racing for not the real goal.

AND... J was playing in a golf tournament, so I was on Addie duty. :)

Regardless of all of that, I accomplished another week's worth of solid workouts. Runs as planned. Crosstraining & strength training. I am doing all of the right things. All of those things that should result in the best marathon I have run to date.

At least I hope so...

So, let's do a quick rundown of my workouts for last week.

Monday: 5 miles of speedwork (1200m repeats)
Tuesday: 20 minute treadmill warm up (2.16 miles), strength, 0.9 mile afternoon walk to straighten my head out
Wednesday: 4.1 miles @ 8:41. Supposed to be a maintenance run, but just ran without my watch, and that pace felt pretty good.
Thursday: 5 tempo miles.
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 9 miles on the treadmill. 8:54 average pace while watching Hunger Games.
Sunday: 3.3 miles walked with Addie. The stroller's tires were pretty low, so it was MUCH harder to push, and I couldn't find the air pump. Evening core and leg workout.

1 day xtraining
2 days strength
4 runs
29.46 miles

As you can see from above, another week of nailing my workouts. I am pretty pleased with all of it. Another good week checked off.


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