Marathon Training: Week 3 of 20

Three weeks of marathon training are in the books. The time has been flying by, and I am feeling great so far. Granted, my mileage has not been too too heavy so far, which definitely makes it a little bit easier, but I am still feeling excited and motivated to keep up with all of the goals I have set for myself.
So let's review the workouts I did this week.

Monday: Speedwork for 5 miles total. 300m repeats. 1 mile walk.
Tuesday: Strength training. 1 mile walking warm up, then a full body strength workout with light weights.
Wednesday: 5 soupy miles at lunch with an 8:47 average pace.
Thursday: Threshold run during Addie's naptime. 5.5 total miles.
Friday: Crosstraining day. Lunchtime walk
Saturday: 10 very humid miles with Karen. 8:31 average pace, last mile at 7:42. I am pretty proud of that.
Sunday: REST

Overall, I followed my runcoach schedule perfectly (which is always a big deal). I had a strength training day and a crosstraining day. I had one full day of rest. And I covered 30 miles for the 3rd straight week.

I am at 93 miles for the month of June. Assuming I stick to my plan, I am going to hit 100 miles in the month for the first time ALL YEAR. Thank goodness. I have been waiting to get my mojo back to the point where I would do this!


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