Marathon Training: Week 1 of 20

Last week was pretty much one of the best week’s I have had in running. At least, one of the best that I have had in a very long time. I actually managed to get in all four runs, I had good mileage, I raced, and I stuck to my schedule. Not only those things with the good schedule, but I actually felt pretty good while running. I didn’t feel tired or run down or unmotivated, which has been the norm over the recent months of running. I don’t know what has caused the shift in motivation/ability, but I am glad to have had at least one good week of running under my belt now that I am planning on marathon training for fall.

Speaking of which, I still have not officially selected or registered for a fall marathon yet, but I am really hoping to get that squared away prior to the next price increases for the races. It sounds like that the majority of the races that I am interested in for fall have the next jump on July 31. Therefore, I have a little bit more time to get the husband on board with what I am hoping to do. (Admittedly, I have just pretty much been avoiding the subject up until now, because I was not sure – still am not sure – how to best approach it.) But it is definitely getting closer to time to take the plunge and make the choice so I can add it to my calendar and be solely focused on one race. Something that I haven’t really done for 2 years – since the last time I planned on running Columbus.

So, since I had a great week, let’s do a quick rundown of what last week in workouts looked like. That way I can remember what a good week looks and feels like going forward.
Monday: 5.1 miles of speedwork
Tuesday: 2.5 miles walk/jog, 75 minutes of lower body and core strength training
Wednesday: 7.2 miles, 60 minutes strength
Thursday: 5.1 miles
Friday: 1.5 miles, 60 minutes strength
Saturday: 10.2 miles, including a 5K race (2nd place, AG!)
Sunday: much needed rest
Totals: 3 days strength training, lower walk/jog mileage, and 31.6 total miles

30 miles in a week. Not bad, right? I am definitely pleased with it, as it is easily the highest mileage week I have run in well over a year. It made for a great first week of marathon training, now to keep it up over the next several (19) weeks!


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