Father's Day - J's first

I hope that everyone out there is having a lovely weekend, and all the dads out there are having a great Father's Day. I think that J is...  He is starting his day with a little golf. He takes his dad to play golf most years on Father's Day, and this year is is right out our front door (they have typically gone to this course that we now live on in the past!)

He has a general idea of what Addie and I got him for a present, and I think he is excited about it. We bought him a grill. He does not know which grill we bought him though. I talked to my mom though, she works at Lowes, and she chatted a bit with the guys in the outdoors department to get their feedback. We didn't want to overpay for features that we wouldn't use, but we wanted a grill that would be high quality and would last.
With that, meet the Weber Genesis. It was the most recommended grill from the guys that my mom is friends with, and Weber is obviously an outstanding brand. It was a bit pricey, but I am hoping that it is well worth it and J is excited to have such a nice grill. We also got the weber branded grill cover, because I might as well get the nice cover to ensure that we keep the cover on it when it is not in use. we need to keep this thing NICE! At least, that must be the goal. We want it to last.

But I am so glad to have the two best dad's in my life.
My dad.
And Addie's dad.

Happy Father's Day!


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