Addison Rose: 10 Months

So something has happened. Somehow it has been more than 10 months since a little nugget came into my life. I definitely cannot believe it has already been that long. Everyday with her in my life has been difficult in the best possible way.

Addie probably weighs around 17 lbs (based on her weight at her 9 month appointment). She is long and lean. But no worries. She has rolls in all the good places, like her thighs. She is getting so big and making me crazy! It really is amazing to see how much her personality has developed over these last 10 months.

Right now, Addie loves all food. Lucky for me, she will try anything. J gave her a taste of ice cream and it's game over. I was really hoping to avoid that. But too late now. I think it is less about ice cream and more about that she wants everything that we have. So I guess that can help encourage us to make better choices. 

She can pull up now, but she does not seem to always remember that. Sometimes she just will get to her knees and call it a day. I guess I am excited for her to pull up all the time and learn to walk but at the same time I want her to stay my little peanut forever. I guess she will always be my peanut, right?

Addie is learning to stack rings. She now will put the ring around its base and let it sit before taking it off again. But if I make a tower, it must be knocked down. She also loves playing with Zeus. He is gentle enough that they can both tug on a toy and play together which is so fun!

Where did the time go?


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