The Weekend: an Overview

Sorry for the lack of weekend posting. With all of the racing that I had planned for the weekend, there was not much time for updates!

I have a lot to post recaps about, but for now, I will just stick with generalities.

I ran a one mile race on Friday night. It was the second race of the beer series. Jason ran this one as well.
I ran the Flying Pig 10K on Saturday morning. I wanted to run this because I have a very outdated 10K PR, and I knew I was well capable of updating this. I also wanted to say that I ran with Ryan Hall. He won the 10 K by the way.
Yesterday was the Flying Pig Marathon. I had several friends who were running and my coworkers and I had big plans for the relay. It was the first race for several of them, but I think it is safe to say that they have the running bug.

Recaps on all of these to come!

But I have had a long 8 days of racing.
And those are the fruits of my labor. 4 races in 8 days. 3 PRs and one relay.


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