Running Errands + House Update

Welcome back to the work week! I am actually a little bit relieved to be back at work. The weekend honestly took a lot out of me. J, Addie and I ran a lot of errands and tried to get a lot done, all crammed into one lovely weekend.

On Saturday, I slept in, planning to run on Sunday, and then got up with my dogs and Addie, taking care of all of them and getting everybody ready for the day. Just before 9 am, J and I loaded Miss A up into the car and headed out for what we anticipated to be a long day of errands. First on the agenda, IKEA. Now, J and I do not have a very good track record with IKEA, having a huge fight the only other time we have gone there together. In fact, that day was the first time our moms had met each other, so obviously we did well at making a good impression on everyone.

We spent a long time talking about what we were going for prior to this trip, in order to mitigate any trouble that we might have since our trouble was about the fact that we did not necessarily plan for the last trip, we just went and then I enjoyed looking around, and J was on a mission.

This trip, we knew we wanted to get a storage piece for Addie's toys, a desk for J's office, and potentially some decor type items, but we knew what we wanted for any large pieces, so that was good.

Addie's piece was figured out in my head. I knew based on the previous trip that I took there with my dad that I was going to get her one of those cube units. I had previously bought the cubes in the colors that I liked, and I just needed to shell out the money for the unit itself. We just had to decide how many cubes we wanted in the unit. We settled ourselves with 8 and picked this particular fixture.
But we actually have it set up horizontally rather than the vertically shown in the picture. I put the fabric cubes in there and filled it up with lots of toys. It is in the loft of the new house, which is likely going to be a playroom kind of place.

J found a desk that he liked as well.
He purchased a few accessory pieces that matched this desk as well, including a filing cabinet and another little cupboard. That all will be used for file storage, etc, that should help to keep us organized. We also got a few smaller items, and are feeling pretty good about the purchases that we made.

After this trip, we went and had lunch all together, we went out for wings and Addie took a nap for the majority of our lunch, which was good because by the end of the IKEA trip, she was definitely feeling tired and fussy. After lunch, we went home and got to work putting our new items together. The office is pretty much done, finally, which is very exciting. We are nearly there with the house!


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