Race Recap: The Little Kings Mile

Ahh, Little Kings. A terrible beer that was Cincinnati's PBR in it's time. But it is a Cincinnati classic, and I think it is fun that they are part of the Beer Series.
J and I also ran this race last year. You can see a bit about that here. (That also includes my Flying Pig 5K recap.)

This year, I had gone to the expo during the day with my relay team, so I didn't have that evening stop. J and I met at home and handed Addie off to her Grandma, she was spending the night. We drove downtown and walked over to the Lagerhouse to pick up our bibs, shirts, and whatever else we needed before walking the mile up Main Street to the start. There were shuttles, but let's be real, it was a mile away, and that extra bit of exercise was not going to hurt us at all.

The race is a point-to-point course starting at Main and Liberty in OTR, downtown Cincinnati. It takes you right through the newly renovated bar district of OTR, down the hill, over Fort Washington Way (highway) and ends right next to Great American Ballpark (where the Reds play).

A couple followed us as we walked up to the starting line, letting us know that they were following us, so they hoped we knew where we were going! J and I were assigned to different waves, because you are assigned based on predicted finish time. Each wave was a 1 minute interval.
Wave A: 9+ minutes
Wave B: 8-9 minutes
Wave C: 7-8 minutes
Wave D: 6-7 minutes
Wave E: 5-6 minutes
I was in wave C, and J in wave A. I ran this race in 8 minutes flat last year, and was 24 weeks pregnant, so I knew I could fit into wave C. Jason's goal was to get to the finish line, mine was to run faster than last year, but save my legs for the 13+ miles I had on tap for the rest of the weekend.
(Sorry, I know that is tiny - screen shot from my phone!)
Look! We both accomplished our goals! Also - age group top 5 out of more than 100? Awesome.

More recaps to come!


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