My First Mother's Day

So this past weekend included my first official mother's day. J got me a card last year, but obviously, little Addie was not here yet, so we did not actually celebrate the day. But now that the little peanut is 9 months old, and so I had my very first Mother's Day.

Unfortunately for both Addie and I, J is travelling this week, so that involved him leaving very early on Sunday morning to get to his destination, so we actually spent Mother's Day solo. But they did not forget about me.

Moving into the new house, I told J that I didn't actually want anything for Mother's Day, or the bookshelves that we bought for the office would be my gift, as we really just need to focus on getting our new house in good order. That really is what I have wanted for this Mother's Day.

And J made good on that, yes, we did buy the bookshelves (I got two of them assembled on Sunday during Addie's naptime!) but that was not my present.

So, there is an extra bedroom, a fifth bedroom, in our basement. We obviously have no need (or furniture!) for a 5th bedroom, so it was determined early on that we were going to use that as a room for the treadmill. We had tentatively talked about what, if anything, we were going to do to that room other than add the treadmill. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about because that was my Mother's Day gift.

My Flying Pig posters, medals, other running posters, including this one from Oiselle which is new and was a gift, all of the weights and foam roller type stuff, there is a shelf to put DVDs on (from the old house, but relocated) and a TV and DVD player (for netflix when on treadmill, or workout DVDs other times). There is also a large, unpictured whiteboard, because apparently J was sick of me leaving post-its with workouts written on them on the treadmill.

I am THRILLED with this new room, and although yes, J will use the space as well, this is kind of going to be my home in our new home. :)

And Addie and I had pancakes for a Mother's Day breakfast.


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