My Day in the Life

Somehow it is already Friday. Admittedly, I am thrilled that it is here already, because I am looking forward to a few days away from the office (and a few days with J, Addie and the pups!), but at the same time it was one of those weeks at work when I feel like I accomplished nothing. I am sure that is not the case, however, it was one of those weeks where things were flying around in 1 million directions which left me feeling a little bit lost. I just did a whole lot of things, and none of them have very visible results.

This week was a difficult one. Since I have kind of turned this space into a place where I am trying to focus on balance as a working mom (so many of the healthy living blogs I ready are about SAHMs - or work-at-home moms who have their own businesses, not that there is anything wrong with that, it is just a very different reality from mine!) I want to talk about that a little bit more. Let's look at a day in my life, especially this week, since J was out of town and I tried to make life happen on my own.

At 5:45 am my alarm goes off. I check Addie's monitor to ensure that she is still asleep, and head downstairs with the dogs (they know that mom's alarm means "time to get up"). I let them out and get to work making bottles for Addie to take to school with her and her breakfast bottle. I usually get them filled with water (no formula yet) before Teek is standing at the back door getting antsy for her breakfast. That little dog is a piggie. I let them in, get their food, and finish getting the bottles ready - 2 for school, one for the morning.

I head upstairs while they eat and get dressed. I have been making a consistent effort to dress business casual Monday-Thursday, so I pull a pair of Ann Taylor pants off their hanger, and then try and look for a top that doesn't have black in it. Since having all of my clothes in this closet, which they never were at our old house, I have seen the shortfalls in my wardrobe and hope to work on remedying them. My next Stitch Fix (<--- referral link) is scheduled to arrive in less than 2 weeks! After getting dressed, washing my face, brushing my teeth and braiding my hair, I head into Addie's room. It is about 10 after 6.

It was very warm this week, so I have been trying to dress Addie for that. She has kind of a 9 month clothes hole in her wardrobe, so we are mixing 6 month and 12 month pieces, and in general that seems to work out just fine. I just have been keeping her in short sleeves and no socks usually with leggings, because I am not into shorts. After getting her into a clean diaper and clothes, we went downstairs and I got Addie settled in with a bottle. The doctor told us at her 9 month appointment that we can and should start using her sippy cup for formula so she gets used to it. But honestly, we give it to her at least once a day with water, and her bottle is still easier for her. So... we aren't doing that all that frequently.

But seriously, how adorable is this little peanut?
(Our friend at Green Faerie needed some updated baby pics for her walls)

We loaded into the car and headed out to get our long commute underway. I listen to Bob & Tom in the car, and Addie takes a nap. I drop her at school and arrive at work by 7:30, pour my first cup of coffee (of two) and get down to work. In general, work this week has been hectic and I have been in and out of projects, feeling like nothing is getting done, as mentioned above. Around 11:30 am, I have been leaving my desk to get out and get my run done (or on Wednesday, have lunch with the boss!) so I changed by clothes and headed to the gym for a run. The afternoon was simply more work, more projects, and more feeling like I got nothing done.

I have been getting out of work at 4:30 pretty much every afternoon, which I am pleased with. That allows me to pick up Addie and hit the highway around 5 pm, which although it takes me a half hour to get that far, makes a big difference in how long it takes to get to my house, that is now 30 miles away. Addie usually stays awake for the drive home and she likes to play with my keys. I have taken my house keys and removed the car key so I can drive and she can have something to play with. I can hear them jingling in the backseat, which makes me smile. Sometimes dancing keys are also funny, so you can hear her laugh at them.

We get home, let the dogs out and get them dinner and get started on dinner for us. By that time, it is already usually close to 6. I tend to cook with Addie playing nearby, or sometimes I put her in her highchair and give her a cheerios appetizer. I like to have her playing more, so I usually bring a pile of toys into the kitchen. I try and make us something easy and try and include fruits and veggies, because I obviously want her to be eating those regularly, so that forces me to have some too. We ate a cantaloupe in 2 days between the two of us. This week consisted of a lot of simple meals. Leftover pancakes from Mother's Day breakfast, leftover mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and fruits and veggies.

Around 7, after dinner, I took Addie up to start working on bedtime. She had her bath (in the big girl tub! No more infant tub for my little miss!), got a clean diaper and onesie (too hot for pajamas), and I brushed her teeth (a wet washcloth with a teeny bit of toothpaste on it). Then we settled into the loft (which is turning into a sort of playroom space for Addie) and read a few books before bed. We have been reading "What Makes a Rainbow?" pretty often recently. Addie likes to grab (and often shove in her mouth) the ribbons on each page. After a few books, we move into her room, and she gets a bottle and we snuggle for a few minutes before I put her into bed.

Addie going down without me rocking her all the way to sleep is a new thing, but we are getting there. Usually I put her in her bed when she is still awake, but then sit in the glider so she can see me for a little bit. At least, that is where we are in the process currently. So after a few minutes of cuddles, I set her down, make sure she has her bink and her blankie, and then set myself down to play candy crush or read blogs on my phone while she gets settled. It is quite the process some nights. I no longer pick her up at all, even if she starts to fuss, but she REALLY starts screaming if I leave the room. So we are working on it. We will get there. This week there was more than one night that took more than an hour. Ugh.

Typically, I had the best of intentions at getting something else done after Addie was done, but with as long as it was taking I was definitely struggling to find the motivation. So usually it was back downstairs to wash bottles so they were ready for the morning, put all toys back in their baskets, and clean up the kitchen from dinner, at least most of the way. However, if you looked into my house you would definitely think I had more work to do (I do.) But I have just been feeling ROUGH, so getting anything accomplished was a pretty big deal, I think.

Then I would take a shower and hit the hay for the night. I have been beat!


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