Health v. Body Image

I have been struggling lately in a way that I didn't expect to return after Addie was born. It seems as though I have thoughts in my head that have resurfaced. I mean, I suppose it is something that is everywhere, it truly is all over the news right now, at least the kinds of news that I enjoy reading about...

We have all seen the No Make Up on the TODAY show, Lauren Fleshman's Keeping It Real blog post and the flood of posts that followed, my own post from September shows up on a google search for body image, and this article showed up just last week regarding a mom's changing body image after her own baby was born. So obviously, as a woman who has given birth in the last year, whose body has changed, I would take notice of all of these articles that are so prevalent in the media.

There is a lot of focus on being positive about the body you have, how strong you are to give birth to a healthy baby, etc. And I know that is the truth. However, it is also making me hyper critical of myself. It is not yet impacting me in a way that is causing me to adjust my food or exercise habits more, however, I am well aware of my intake and output.

I am back to my "normal" pre-baby self, and I was able to finally completely reach that following my finishing nursing. I think that it took that in order to get to the place where I actually was comfortably back in my pre-baby jeans.

With all of this focus on body image, and having a positive one, you would think it would be rubbing off on me. But in reality, can't we just take that focus away? Can't we just focus on being healthy?


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