April (and March) Look Bank

Wow, May. How did it get to be May already? I guess that means we should do a recap of the month (and also March, because I think I skipped a goal recap then.) So let's take a look at what I wanted to accomplish this year, shall we?
Since I get to report on 2 months, I can say that I made SOME progress.

I cooked one new recipe.
I ran a few miles.
I PR'd the half.
Addie is weaned.
I read one more book.
Jason and I had 3 (!!!) date nights. Well, one was a date day (I ran a race and he worked in the morning, then we went to lunch and a brewery for a few hours. We went and had dinner alone at our favorite restaurant the day before we moved. The weekend we moved we went and had dinner alone.
I finished off my ambassadorship for the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, and that was a lot of blogging.

So, annual progress?
Recipes: 2/12
Annual Mileage: 307.28/1200
Half Marathon PR!
Blog Campaigns: 3/4
Baby is Weaned!
Books: 2/15 (third in progress)
Date nights: 4/12

Overall, I would say things are looking up!


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