Addison Rose: 9 Months

Sorry for the complete lack of posting last week. I have high hopes that now that I feel like the new accountant here at work has gone through his first close, we will have a little bit smoother sailing. There will be more time for me to get my projects that I have done, and I will also have more time to get some stuff done that I want to do personally.

I am always saying that, aren't I?

Anyway. Friday was kind of a big day in my house. A little peanut turned 9 months old! I have no idea how on earth we are already to that point. Nine months seems like a really long time, but at the same time, I am struggling to remember what life was like before 9 months ago.
Eating a blueberry muffin with me for Mother's Day at school.
Selfie at the doctor for 9 month checkup
Examining the daffy duck bandaid on her toe after getting a toe prick.
Getting dressed for a vintage-y photo shoot with Green Faerie Photography.

The little lady is getting to be so big, I can hardly stand it. I don't know how I managed to get so lucky to have such a pretty little lady in my life.


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