Training and Future Plans

Now that I am through the MMGCM, it is time to figure out what happens next in my training. It is time to figure out what my next goals are and where to begin. I have tentatively started to draw up my training plan, I have pulled out a few races that seem like that might be a good fit, and now I am just needing to chat with the husband and draw up my official plans, including registering.

So far, here is what I am thinking. I will start the summer going for my 1:49:xx goal again.
The Cincinnati Half Marathon used to take place in October, but this year it was moved to the end of June. Admittedly, I am a little bit nervous about trying to race at the end of June when it might be super hot. But it sounds like Karen is going to shoot for a PR in this race as well, so at least I will have someone suffering with me.

As I mentioned the other day, I would like to run a full in the fall. I toyed with Chicago, running for charity as I did not even enter the lottery. But then when it came down to it, trying to raise $2000 (or more) scared me a little bit. So someday I might enter the lottery for that one, I suppose.

Right now my focus is a little closer to my hometown.
There are a few things appealing about this race.

  1. Close enough to my mom's house that I would not need a hotel. 
  2. The idea of an international marathon is pretty fun
  3. Plenty of time to train (the race is mid-October)
  4. DETROIT (in some ways, that is enough)
But there is a second option as well.
This just became an option when tweeting with my fellow GCM ambassadors last night. Sounds like this is the plan for all of them. I have heard it is a good race, and it will be fun to do something with them again, even though none of us run at the same pace! 

But first, I need to get the husband on board.


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