The Glass City Marathon: Last Minute Details

We are just over two weeks out from the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon now. It is hard to believe that we have gotten here already. If you have been following along with my sporadic training posts, you know that this training round has been particularly difficult for me. I have struggled to find the balance between work and family and running. But that is what I am trying to do with my blog in general, use it to find that balance and maybe offer some help to others who are looking for it as well.
Regardless, let's get into some of the more fun logistical stuff that you need to know for race day and the time prior.

Where do I eat?
The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon does not have an official pasta party, however, there are definitely some great sites to get a great Italian meal in Toledo. Here are a few suggestions:

Zia's: located on the Docks in downtown Toledo (pretty much at Promenade park), Zia's is a delicious Italian staple. It is a Mainstreet Ventures restaurant, which, if you are familiar with Ann Arbor, has a few other awesome places!
Calvino's Restaurant: This is where I am eating with a few friends who are also racing. This is a small place located in a strip mall, but do not let it's appearance fool you. The food is AMAZING. They also serve "Hot Mama Bread", reminiscent of Rosie's Italian (another Toledo place).
La Scola: This is a little further away from the University, but not too far, and is worth the drive. This is my dad's favorite Italian Place. The food is awesome, but a little bit pricier.

Are there start corrals?
YES! This is the first year that the marathon is utilized start corrals. If you recall, when you registered for the race, you entered a predicted finish time. You will be assigned a corral based on that time. Your bib will have your corral placement on it. There is no wave start.

Can I change corrals?
Unfortunately, as your bib has already been sent to the printer, corrals needed to be changed prior to March 31.

Will there be gu/gatorade/water/port-o-loos on the course?
Of course! Lemon lime gatorade, water and various gu flavors (some caffeinated, some not) will be available at various points along the course. In addition, there are plenty of restroom stops if you need that as well. Here are some details on that.

Water Stop #MileMarkWaterGatoradeGuOrangesVaselinePort-a-John
START0xxx xx
23.5xx  xx
34.3xx  x 
45.4xx  xx
57xx  x 
79.9xx   x
811.3xx  xx
912.5xx  xx
1013.5xx   x
1114.6xx   x
1216xxxx x
1316.9xx  x 
1417.58xx   x
1519.25xx xxx
XX21.2xxxx x
1622xx x  
1723.3xx  xx
1823.8xx x x

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity through out the marathon to make sure that you are hydrated and fed to get to the finish.

What about when I finish the race, meet all of my goals (or need to get over the misery of NOT meeting my goals), and want to celebrate?
There is a post race party in the parking lot just outside of the Glass Bowl! As a finisher's gift, you will receive a Glass Mug (Glass Bowl, Glass City, etc) that you can fill up at the party. So come and meet up with your other friends, have some food and beverage and enjoy some music by Zak Ward. And come find me. I hope to be celebrating a big PR with a big beer! :)


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