Race-Spiration - I feel it

I tried to watch most of the elite coverage of the Boston Marathon yesterday. I wound up getting pulled into a meeting at 11:30, which unfortunately had me out for the men's and women's finish. I went back and watched it later, while continuously refreshing the leaderboard on my phone. I apologize to those who I was in a meeting with yesterday, because I was potentially a wee bit distracted.

However, I have hit a new level of motivation that I honestly have not had since my first (and only!) marathon. Last year after all of the tragedy in Boston, yes, I was motivated, however, I was pregnant, and feeling it. And very shortly after that, my pregnant running career ended because of my broken elbow. Not being in that situation this year (read: not pregnant and hoping not to fall and break a bone!) my motivation levels started to SOAR yesterday.

I think I may be ready to commit myself to the marathon. I think I may be ready to say, "ok, I am ready to run 26.2 miles for fun again." I have not been feeling that way in a long time. I think that was a little bit feeling weak and slow from not training for so long, and just being exhausted from being up so frequently with the baby. I have been living in a state of sleep deprivation for a good amount of time now, and that definitely left me lacking motivation to get out and run long.

And then when I finally started to have time to get long runs in, I started running harder than I might have been ready to run, which left me feeling sore and exhausted. I definitely was not following the pace recommendations that the runcoach program gave me. And I think that literally hurt my legs and also hurt my motivation because everything was hurting.

I have a renewed sense of self right now. I have a renewed sense of pride of being a runner, being an American runner. I can't help but feel proud of Meb and all of the other Americans that raced yesterday. We all know that Shalene is feeling emotional about leading so far into the race and then falling off even if she did run a PB. And I feel emotional just watching them. It is good to know (silly as that may sound) that I am emotional about Boston this year. It tells me that I was having legit emotion last year, rather than just preggo-hormone emotion.

So. The marathon. There may be one in my future after all. I have a few prospects on the horizon in my mind, and now I just need to talk to the husband and see what he thinks about the time involved in marathon running.

More to come.

Were you inspired seeing Meb run yesterday? The other Americans? Seeing Rita Jeptoo get her third Boston win?


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