MMGCM: Race Recap

Well, the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon has now come and gone. It is hard to believe that we have already come to the day when the race was to be run. And now that day is past, and we move on and recover from the hard work that was put in.
I am glad that I made the decision to run that half, even though I was considering the full. I know now that I have gotten through the race that the full would not have been suitable to the time that I had to put into training. With Addie being around now, and J working Saturday mornings for a long portion of the late winter/early spring. I hardly had the time to do the long runs that I did do, and I definitely did not necessarily go as far as I had originally planned.

I guess that means I should give a rundown of the race as well as the results.

I was scheduled to work at the expo from 1-4pm as an ambassador. Prior to my shift, I went to pick up my own packet and check out what is going on at the expo. You know, any discounted shoes, clothes, etc. I also signed up and got worked through my a chiropractor. I have been having a good amount of hip pain. Things have been feeling very tight lately, and I figured that I should at least see what a chiropractor had to say about that, especially since it was a free visit. I explained to him the tightness that I was having, and he had me lie down and started poking around. As expected, when he got to certain points, I definitely flinched and tightened up. He gave his opinion on what was wrong, taught me a few suggestions, and made some recommendations for what I should look for when I am down here as far as the best things that I could do to get well.

We were scheduled to work at the information table and just answer any and all questions that came our way. The most frequent questions that we received were "where can I find out my bib number?" and "do you have copies of the race course?" We learned the answers and how to handle them quickly, and the three hours that I was working flew by.
Here is the whole gang at the expo, we had a small overlap of our shifts where all 5 of us were together. We had a great time together over these last several months, even though we all just met in person only that afternoon.

On Sunday morning, I had a rather normal morning, unfortunately, prior to this particular race. I am always running behind. So I had my alarm set for 5:20 am with plans to meet some friends at 6 am. And at 5:50 am, I woke up. Naturally, I was in a complete panic, I dressed as quickly as possible and ran out the door. No breakfast, but I did at least remember to bring the gel I purchased at the expo, so I would have a bit of fuel on the course.

I ended up at the University at 6:15, choosing to park in a location different than I had the previous two years. Talking to others at the expo definitely helped me with that. This way I had time to use the restroom, I had time to stretch and see my friends, and I had time to get into my corral (B) and get myself in a position that was comfortable. I was slightly behind the 1:50 pacer, knowing that it takes a while to get my legs warmed up and not wanting to push hard right out of the gate. If I did that, I might just quit.

I don't have any mile splits or anything, as I just ran naked. No watch, no phone, nothing. I am glad for it, otherwise I might have really stressed myself out over the pace that I was running (or not running).

I crossed the 3 mile mark at 26:13. We were in Ottawa Hills, which is the hilly (if there is a hilly) section of the racecourse. I was running at an 8:44 pace. The next timing mat was at the 10K mark. This section was after I had warmed up and I was feeling pretty good. I plugged through the next 3.2 miles at an 8:25 pace. I started to wear at that point and doubt my abilities. I was starting to feel the fact that I was undertrained for the distance. I was comfortable with the speed, but I certainly was not comfortable with the distance. I never ran over 9.6 miles (that downtown run), and I was feeling it.

For the last half of the race, I slowed down a bit, but luckily not too much. I ran the last half of the race at an 8:33 pace. This allowed me to finish the race in 1:52:19, or an average of 8:34. This is a 16 second PR (from the Dayton River Corridor Classic, which was a course that only measured 12.8 miles) or a REAL pr (from the 2012 Mason Half marathon) of 1:33, which is a great improvement!

So I may not have made my A goal (1:49:xx) but I did reach my B goal (PR).

My Uncle Joe, my godfather, ran his first half yesterday. His goal was under two hours and he made it in 1:58.
I am glad that we have a picture together. :)

And my little peanut came to see her momma finish. She did not stay very long, because it was pretty chilly and windy, and I did not want her to spend too much time outside in that cold. My mom had her wrapped up in a blanket. But we did get a picture when I got home.
I love that little girl. And her shirt says "future running partner Addie" and we received it from Karen at the baby shower. I think she was proud of mommy.


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