Home Update - 9 Days

I realize it has been quite a while since I last updated you all on our home and progress there. We are now 9 days out from moving. In 9 DAYS we will close on our new home and be completely out of our old one. My last update on the house was brief and here.

At our current home, we had a few issues that needed to be taken care of, most of which J was irritated about, although I never would blame him for any of that. We were very flexible on this house when we bought it, and so a lot of the things that came up in inspection were things that we decided to ignore, or adjust ourselves because they were not that big of a deal. Well, I guess that kind of bit us in the butt, because they wanted those things fixed.

So we have had a plumber in. They got the timing JUST right on their inspection with the plumbing. Argh. Basically, we had been in the basement checking out plumbing about a million times over the winter because of how extremely cold it was (below zero frequently!) and with the issues that we had been having with the dishwasher. Not sure if I even wrote about that, but because of the freezing cold temperatures, a valve in our dishwasher froze and broke. Our brand new dishwasher that was less than one year old. Ugh. Regardless, that meant we spent a lot of time tracking the pipes in the basement and stuff, trying to make sure that nothing froze and nothing was leaking.

But then, inspection day rolls around and BOOM, there is a leak in the pipe. Honestly, when we saw the inspection report we were like "no way. We have been down there 100 times at least, there is NO WAY there is a leak in that pipe." We went down there and sure enough... Sigh. So ok, we have to get that fixed. The plumbing honestly ended up not being that big of a deal. It was pretty straightforward. The amount it ended up costing us was less than we had anticipated, and we know the work is done, and done correctly, so we can check that off the list.

The other BIG issue was electricity. Admittedly, the things that were called out on the inspection were things that were called out when we moved in, but we were nice to the sellers (they were going through a divorce and were just DONE) and let these things go. And now, the new buyer wants it taken care of. We live in a 90 year old home, naturally some of the electrical work is a bit outdated. And as the electrician said to me, code is changed every three years! I guess that keeps them working, right? So we had some issues in the attic that had the chance of being QUITE pricey.

This morning we had the electricians in to take care of that. They gave us an estimate based on the worst case scenarios. So it was high and definitely stressed us out. Lucky for us, that was simply worst case, and it ended up being a good bit less work than that, and they were out by about 2 pm (anticipated 5-6pm) so even if NOTHING else, we saved on the time.

And then there is THIS beast.
Yes, totally NOT a good picture, but it was taken through my car windshield for my dad. But that is it. That is the new house. We have big plans for it and for where everything will be and find its place. We will have a new bedroom (and so will Addie) and there is enough space to store everything. There will be a home for my treadmill and for my Flying Pig posters (I am going to have a workout room where the treadmill will go!)

I will have a house tour coming up soon, I hope! But for now, that is all I have!


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