Fruits & Vegetables - Delivered!

Now that Addie is starting to eat food (as opposed to just breastmilk or formula), I am started to get more cautious about the way that J and I eat. We are not the greatest eaters, and how can we make sure that Addie eats well if we are not? In addition, as a mom who works, I am not so great at getting healthy things prepared, because easy is always better.

We do pretty well with whole grains and lean proteins, but in general could use help in the fruit at veggie arena.

Enter Green Bean Delivery.
How does this work? From the Green BEAN Delivery website:
Green B.E.A.N. Delivery is a fresh, new way to order your groceries online and have them delivered to your door! We offer a flexible service that gives our members a connection to many local farmers and artisans. You decide what produce and groceries you want by customizing your order.
We provide Free Home Delivery!
It is a membership based service where you can choose how frequently (weekly? biweekly?) your produce bin is delivered to you. You must have a standing order of $35, which is the cost of a small produce bin, and you can add other grocery items to your bin as well as change the items you are receiving or the quantities of them. Everything is delivered in high quality packaging with cold packs, etc, which you leave out for them to pick up when your next box is delivered. 
My first bin contained a great variety of fruits and vegetables, that I am planning my meals around. I am looking forward to using them all and trying new fresh items!
I was not compensated for this post in any way, I just am excited about using this great service!


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