Final Prep: The MMGCM

This weekend is the big goal race. I have been working hard (at least as much as I can) to try and be prepared for a half marathon. I set the bar fairly high for myself, and I might pay for that on Sunday morning.
Luckily, I do know that I am feeling strong. I am feeling capable of at least some of what I want to do. All of my speedwork has gone well. I have managed to maintain the paces that I needed to. I have not always logged the miles that I have needed to, but I am happy with the way the speed portion has gone. I have raced well in my two races thus far this season. That has given me a bit of confidence, especially since one of the races was a 15K, so fairly close to the actual race distance for the weekend.

I have also found out that two of my Oiselle teammates are also racing this weekend in Toledo, and we have tentatively planned to meet at the post-race party to get a picture together, not to mention just meeting each other. I am definitely looking forward to meeting those ladies!

I have gone on three runs this week, just trying to keep the legs moving. I have done a quick and relaxed 5K on Tuesday, Wednesday and today.
Here is what I have been doing. Running the exact same route, every day. But hey, I am logging the miles that I am supposed to, and that feels pretty good. The legs have been feeling light, and strong, so that is all I can ask for.

AND I have officially received word on my bib number.
You can track me using the race joy app!


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