Balancing - An Act

Work-Life balance.

If you are a woman with a career, regardless what your personal situation at home is (kids, no kids, spouse, live in significant other, single as they come, group of gal pals, a dog and a pint of Ben & Jerry's) you have no doubt heard that terminology. I have been hearing it pretty much every since I graduated from the University of Cincinnati and started my career at a large public accounting firm.

And maybe it is a term you haven't heard, because it it something that you just innately "have" (and those of us who struggle with it are jealous of you). But whether or not  you are familiar with it, it seems to be something that is more in line with things that women think about than men. Obviously, that is not a hard and fast rule, but it seemed like in my BIG JOB it was much more preached about in emails to the women's group (there was not a men's group), than it ever was in full company emails or meetings.

The term to me means finding a way to keep up with your career (even be successful at it!) and keep your home/social/outside of work life in balance.

When you work in public accounting, this becomes more and more difficult the more you move on in  your life, and admittedly, a lot of women leave public because of this. I left public accounting before I was married or had kids because even then I was feeling like I could not do anything that I wanted to do. I couldn't exercise or do shows or anything like that because I would be stuck at work late frequently.

Now with a husband and a baby, it is even more important to me to have some flexibility. After all, how could you not want to spend a ton of time with this little nugget?
I definitely have struggles all the time. My job, while it has been wonderful in terms of balance, has definitely changed since returning from maternity leave. But I am continuing to work on it. I am trying to keep up with my job constantly and trying to enjoy my time at home in the evenings and on weekends. It is a changing process, but I am not sure how it will all turn out.

Any balancing tips from other working women out there? How do you manage to make everything happen?


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