Weekly Workouts: Week of February 24

Somehow it is already March. That is hard to believe. This year is flying by! And here I am, plugging ahead, trying to get everything done with my training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon, which seems to be coming up quickly!
I was given a rough reminder when watching the weekend news and they had all kinds of Flying Pig Marathon folks on to talk about the race since it was only 8 weeks away. The Pig is in 8 weeks (less than that now)??? That means MY goal race is even closer than that! Less than 7 weeks! That is enough to stress me out a little!

I set a goal to run 4 times last week. I wrote it down in my new Erin Condren planner. (PS, this planner is amazeballs. I freaking LOVE it, and yes it is worth the $50 - but I had a coupon.) And I reached that goal. It was not perfect, it was not the complete mileage that runcoach called for, but 4 runs were done as I hoped.
Monday: 6 miles, speedwork
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 4 miles treadmill
Thursday: off
Friday: 4.25 miles, tempo
Saturday: 7.31 miles long run
Sunday: off

4 total runs. 21.56 total miles.

Over 20 miles! Yahoo! And I started out March feeling good, getting a "long run" done, so that is a great thing. It puts me on my way to getting 100 miles this month, which is my goal. I am going to start there, with this month, since February was just not a good month for running.


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