Running, It is a Choice

I am making an effort this week to hit my running schedule. I am not sure where everything is going to shake out yet, as it is only Wednesday, but Monday I went to the gym for my regularly scheduled workout. Monday is always a track workout day, and since I am working out at lunch lately, rather than in the morning, I usually do a track workout on the treadmill. The additional plus to that is that I can control the speed exactly to ensure that I am hitting my goals!

I had 300m repeats with a 100m recovery (at 7:05/mile pace) on tap. With a warm up and cool down, I ran for 5 total miles in 44:15, which averaged out to be 8:51/mile. Obviously, I never (not the entire 5 miles!) ran at that pace, but that was where things ended up, and I left the gym feeling pretty accomplished about it.

I am hoping that today's workout (which I am swapping a tempo run for the maintenance run that was originally prescribed) goes similarly well. I am swapping the workouts because it is still rather cold today, so I am planning on hitting the treadmill. Tomorrow, it will be warmer, so I plan to run maintenance miles outdoors.

The tempo that was on the calendar was a warm up with 5:00 at 8:28 and a 1:00 recovery. After 4 rounds of that, I was to cool down.
These days, just getting ready to workout is half the battle, so once I had my shoes on, I was halfway there!


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