Race Recap: 2014 Heart Mini

Ok, now that it seems I have gotten back into the swing of writing, it is time to recap the OTHER race I recently ran. The Heart Mini!

This is my 4th straight year being involved with this race in some capacity, and I feel as though I have come a long way in my running over those 4 years. (Also, a long way in my blogging!)
2013 Race
2012 Race
And the 2011 race was prior to me consistently blogging about running, but you can see a picture of me running in it (in the rain!) here. It is the very first picture.

This year, I had registered for the 15K at the last minute (about 4 days before the race) because of J's work schedule. I had no idea if he would be home to be with Addie or not, and I wasn't sure about me being away the first weekend that he had at home all year long. Regardless, he came back with a positive response when I asked him if I could register, and so I did.

The race was pretty early in the morning, around 7:30 am. I planned on parking at J's garage downtown so I could park for free.

It ended up being MUCH colder than I had originally anticipated when getting dressed, so I was very glad that J's car had a pair of gloves and a hat hanging out in the back seat. Now, they were not running gloves or anything, but I was certainly glad that I had something to cover my hands. I walked in the cold to where Karen said she was when I text her, and she was in line for the restroom. So me, being bad, line jumped so I could go too.

We got outside and lined up at the start with about 3 minutes to spare, as far as we were concerned, perfect timing. I settled myself in, right around the 2 hour half marathon pace team. I was not running the half, but I figured that was a good pace to attempt to hang out.

The race had changed slightly since the prior year (nothing all that noticeable however) and luckily it did not revert back to going up the hill at Torrence (that was AWFUL). My goal for this race was a PR, which I felt capable of, since when I ran last year I was pregnant. (This is also why I selected this distance. I knew I was capable of a PR at it, while with the half, I was not sure that I was ready for that yet, and the 5K, I had just tried my hand at that the prior weekend). I was running watch/app free, so I had no idea how I was doing while running. I know that the first few miles were rough, my body was feeling tight. But by about the 5K mark I was starting to feel pretty good and ready to start pushing the pace a little bit more.

Coming back was difficult because within the last mile there is a decent climb, which you always forget about until you actually are at its beginning. But I was able to keep up my pace, at least it felt like I was as I was not wearing my watch, and come in strong. I finished the race in 1:18:54 which was a 10 minute PR from last year. In addition, I finished in the top 10% of my age group, which allowed me an extra tech shirt (I was excited about that as it was the first time I ever got one!)

Overall, another successful heart mini, and I am looking forward to next year!


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