February Look Back

Well, February was a rough month for me when it came to making progress in my goals.
I pretty much checked NOTHING off this list in Febraury.
I ran ONLY 57 miles (ugh).
I did not finish (or read a single page of!) the book I was in the middle of.
I did not make any new recipes.
We did not have a date night.

The only thing that I would say I made some progress on was weaning. Addie is eating cereal and fruits/veggies daily, and I have cut out one pumping session at work. So now I only pump twice per day instead of my previous 3 times.

So, Annual Progress:
Running: 146.11/1200
New Recipes: 1/12
Books: 1/15
Date night: 1/12
Blogging: 2/4

I guess I will just have to pick it up in the coming months!


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