A Life Catch Up

With the recent "complete lack of blogging" that has been going on around here, I have decided to do a little update in the life department. So here is a rundown of all that is happening in the life of Emily, since we last caught up with her.

So our house sold at the end of February with a closing date scheduled for April 18. We have gone through inspection, had some repairs done (with a few more to come) and are packing things up. Our dining room is currently full of boxes and pictures are starting to come off the walls (slowly, but things are happening!)
The day we finalized the offer on our house, getting the price that we wanted/J had hoped for, we put in an offer on our top house contender. Admittedly, I went back and forth about a million times on whether or not I was ok with this house. Reasons for that?

  1. It was priced at the top of a budget
  2. J was not overly thrilled with the basement layout, and this was something important to him all along.
  3. It will be about a 35 minute commute for Addie and I on a daily basis - current commute: 6 minutes.
  4. The school district is not so great, so Addie will be sent to private school.
So yes, that seems like a lot of things to be hesitant about, however, we were CONTINUOUSLY thinking about this house and planning it out ever since we went out to see it for the first time. Overall, it is the best home that we saw and the perfect home for us. It has everything that we could have asked for, and I am so excited to be moving into it. In addition, it is on a golf course, so we can check one of J's bucket list items (live on a golf course) off the list. And the private school things isn't too bad, after all, it will be cheaper than daycare!

Someone is now more than 7 months old! Not sure HOW that happened. She has two teeth (the bottom middle) and uses them to let me know when she is done nursing - yeah, might be time to keep going forward with weaning! She can sit up and get onto all 4s, although she isn't crawling yet. She can hold onto something and stand, but doesn't pull herself up there yet. We are getting there though.

She is completely mobile despite not crawling yet. She scoots around pretty well, and rolls everywhere! The dogs pay more attention to her now, and she loves them right back. She likes to see Zeus especially, I think she thinks he is funny.

She certainly is a pretty baby, and I love her even though she is exhausting!

This aspect of my life has sucked. I have really been lacking the long runs pretty much all winter long with J working on Saturdays. And my work life has been crazy, so escaping for a lunch is definitely limited sometimes to... not at all. I am really hoping that life calms down again soon and I am able to return to running. I am not sure yet if I will meet my goal at the Glass City Marathon, but I am still going to try!


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