When Plans Change

Yesterday, I did not manage to get out and get my run in as I originally planned. That stinks. But I guess it turned out for the best! Jenny (J's mom) was watching Addie for us yesterday since her school was closed and we both had to work. With that perfect setup, I planned on leaving work after my final time pumping for the day and hit the gym for an hour. Unfortunately, I got done pumping and wound up called into something at work, which pretty much made for no time for the gym. I needed to get home and get food ready for us to eat for dinner, or I would have been talked into going out. I am trying to really keep things in line and NOT go out all the time because when we move we want to cut a BIG chunk of that out of our budget.

So I took one for the team and when home and got chicken in the oven for our planned meal (BBQ chicken & apple quesadillas!), I was proud of myself for sticking to our meal plan.

We created the plan on Sunday morning, before heading out to Whole Foods during the Open House Laurie was having. We sat at the Mason Jar Pub (does your Whole Foods have a bar in it? And not a juice bar, a REAL bar?) and chatted about houses and our plan and the things we want to do and get for our house. We enjoyed a beverage and casually watched whatever Olympic Events were on TV. While J had a second beer, I did the shopping. Because we had gone through and planned all of our meals for the week, it was quick, we only needed a few items, and I stuck to the plan!

Although now the plan is changing, despite all of my efforts for it to not change. Lol. I got a call around lunchtime with a request for a showing at 6 pm. 6-7pm on a Tuesday night = dinner time and getting close to bed time for Miss Addie, so out to dinner we go! Hopefully we can just shift things a little bit, and we don't need to change our plans too much the remainder of the week. I am always irritated when things change, but right now, we just need to go with it, because we don't have a choice. Things like this are always coming up at the last minute!

At least I still have a lovely little lady who loves hanging out with me.


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