Weekly Workouts: Week of February 17

The week definitely did not turn out as strong as I had hoped. I was feeling rather down in the dumps on Friday, and chose not to go for a run, even though I probably could have. I am not sure what was going on that day, I just was feeling really drained and lost. That feeling has not entirely gone away now, Monday, but I am doing my best to fight it off!

But I am right around 8 weeks left until the Owens Corning Half Marathon, and I still am hoping that I am able to reach that time goal that I set for myself.

So here were my workouts (that were oh-so-terrible) last week.
Monday: off
Tuesday: Speedwork. Warm up, 6x 400m, cooldown. 6 miles
Wednesday: 5.33 miles OUTSIDE! Maintenance miles, 9:16 avg pace
Thursday: off
Friday: down in the dumps
Saturday: 7.07 miles. Run 6.76 in 60 minutes, cooldown walk.
Sunday Off

So basically, only three workouts, all running, and only 18.4 total miles. Yes I have had worse weeks, but this week it was not because I just got too busy - this time that is not the case! I just... felt lousy and lazy. I was completely unmotivated and feeling sad. At least I managed to get myself to the gym on Saturday. That is great since I have not done that in quite a while, right?

How were your workouts last week?


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