Weekly Workouts: Week of February 10

I suppose I should recap my workouts even if they were not perfect. After all, I did work out 5 days last week, I did not run as many miles as I like to, but I did strength train (for once!) So here was my week of workouts in preparation for the Owens Corning Half Marathon!
Some workouts are better than no workouts, right?

Monday: 35 minute leg and core circuit
Tuesday: 30 minute Barre 3 DVD (LOVING THIS!)
Wednesday: 4.25 miles, speedwork
Thursday: 5 mile, sub MGP (8:53 avg)
Friday: 5.75 miles. Warm up, 40 minute tempo (@8:35), cookdown
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

So, I ran 15 miles and did two strength workouts. The running is obviously not where I need/want it to be, but getting some strength hammered out makes me feel a little bit better on the light running week. Hopefully now that I have childcare at the gym, I will be able to take little Miss A with me, and hammer through a long run. I have my fingers crossed for this Saturday for sure!

Honestly, the long run might have happened yesterday if I was not a zombie. Addie getting her teeth clearly has her in pain a little bit, and she has just been VERY awake in the middle of the night. It has been rough. I am BEAT, to be honest, so it just was not going to go well. I feel less discouraged NOT running than having a bad run (terrible, I know!) so skipping just was what happened.
Toes help when you are teething?

How were your workouts?


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