Up Early on Sunday...

Sunday morning. It is 7:11 am as I am writing this, and I am up with Addie and the dogs. We have the gold medal hockey game on TV because I typically watch the news on NBC in the morning, but now it is not on because of this game, so I am just sticking with it. Addie apparently just decided that 5 am was a good time to wake up today. Oh well...  She is just hanging out next to me on the couch. We are letting J sleep in this morning since he had to get up and work yesterday. I hope he is still asleep up there and not playing on his phone or something. :)

House progress? We have not received an offer on our home yet, but we have high hopes after a very successful showing yesterday. I took Addie to the gym with me, as previously mentioned, while there were folks here to see our house. They had scheduled a time from 10-11 am. My agent said that they got here right away at 10 am based on a phone conversation that she had with the showing agent right before they came here. I got back from the gym and was pulling up to my house around 5 after 11 and had to keep driving because they were still here!

So they were at my house for MORE than the hour that they had scheduled. On one hand, I feel a little irritated/displaced because I really just wanted to go home and hang out for a little bit, but on the other hand, I had to be happy because that was a really good sign. I had some time to chat with our agent yesterday, so I have a pretty good feeling about this. J does not trust my good feeling, but I am really hoping that I am right on this one.

If I am right, then we need to figure out what our plan is. We have not made an offer on our top choice home yet, as we are waiting to have things locked in on our home. It just makes sense for us to wait since we would really love to use the equity from our home for the down payment for our new home. And after a few conversations with some people, J wants to keep looking in an area that we have not looked into a whole lot yet. I agree that we should look there, although I do really love the house that we have found so far! But the other area is much closer to where we are currently, so I am not going to complain if J wants to keep looking there.

Addie is 6.5 months old now. She has two teeth now. She is eating solids (and by solids, I mean cereal, fruit and vegetable pouches, and homemade fruit and veggie purees) on a regular basis and I have cut one pumping session from my work day. I am not really mentally ready to wean, but Addie is loving food, so I am guessing that she is getting ready for it, just as long as she keeps getting bedtime snuggles. But we did take a step yesterday that I was excited about!
First Cheerios! She really seemed to like them, even though Teek got at least half of them because Addie threw them on the ground. She did very well with pinching the little pieces and bringing them up to her mouth. She was rather confused on the first few, but overall, I was proud of her. I think we will have some more today! It is all about practice more than nutrition right now. Right, moms out there?

 Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


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