The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon: A History

So, today, I want to give you a little rundown on the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon. It is obviously (since I keep talking about it!) my goal race for the Spring, and since it was also my first sub-2 hour half, it holds a special place in my heart!
The first Glass City Marathon was run in 1971 and  it started and finished at the University of Toledo (just like it does today!). Some well known Toledo runners, including Sy Mah, ran this first race. It was held on Father's Day for the first 10 years and remained at the University. In the third year of the race (1973) it was the 8th largest race in the United States, and the second largest of 30 midwest races.

In 1981, the race was changed to a fall date and was relocated to SideCut Metropark where it remained for 2 years. 1983 was the year the race moved downtown as was rebranded as the Pepsi Challenge Glass City Classic Marathon. Unfortunately that partnership did not last, and Pepsi did not renew their sponsorship. Unfortunately for Toledo and their marathon, the race was not run for several years.

In 1989, discussions began about reviving the race within a group of dedicated Toledo Roadrunners. Pam Graver took on the task of being the director of this race, and having the race start and finish in Downtown Toledo. In 1990, the first year of its revival, the race was dedicated to Sy Mah, who passed away in 1988. The race remained downtown through 2009.

It was during this period that I first learned of the race, from my best friends mom, who started running and has since taken a very active role in the Toledo Roadrunners. My friend and I would train with her, only we would rollerblade while she and her training partner ran. This was my own first personal experience with the marathon, and endurance running in general, and I find it funny to look back to see how far I have come in this respect.

In 2010, the race went back to it's roots and moved back to the start and finish at the University of Toledo where it is still held today. In 2012, Owens Corning came on as the sponsor of the half marathon, and Medical Mutual joined on as the title sponsor of the full marathon.

In 2012, I participated, and crossed the finish line with two of my cousins, and here we are.
Hopefully this has given you a little background on the race and how it has grown, not to mention my own love of it.


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