I am facing yet another weekend with no long run, despite the best of intentions. I even added childcare to my gym membership so I could take Addie with me! However, this little booger has popped two teeth in a week and therefore we are not sleeping, hardly at all. 

My current state of zombie ness is not unlike my first few weeks as a mom where I had to wake her every two hours to nurse her. Now I think she's waking ME every two hours as payback? 

Suffice to say, I'm exhausted and we still need to keep recleaning our floors and leaving for a few hours per day to let others walk around our house and judge us (yep, I'm clearly in an awesome mood about this!) Yesterday we went back east to see the top contender of houses for us, but we aren't sure anymore. There is a small issue with the basement that makes it difficult for us to commit to spending our max. So we are slowly resigning ourselves to the fact that we have not found our dream home yet, and maybe that's ok since no one has (officially) decided that our house is their dream house yet either!

Apparently I actually got her down at exactly the right time for once. That never happens! Hooray for a little nap! 

Our plans for the day include grocery shopping while people are going through our house (Whole Foods!) and then hanging out and doing laundry. Laundry desperately needs to be done. It's hard with all this house stuff to do the chores you need to. Hopefully early in the week we know what's up with our house (it sounds like we might based on a conversation with Laurie yesterday). So keep your fingers crossed for us!


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