Long Time, No Blog

I want to apologize for some general lack of blogging. Things have been so hectic with year end at work as well as the house situation that I am pretty much just doing what I can to hang on! That is kind of how the last few days have been going for me. Heck, at this point, the last week!

Things in general have been moving along unbelievably quickly, allowing generally zero time for anything that can be considered extra curricular. And unfortunately, since it does not pay the bills (and is not the baby) the blog is extra curricular. But hopefully now that I am through another month end, I can be back to my more regular schedule.

My running/workouts has been just as sporadic as my blogging. I only got in two runs (for about 10 miles) this past week. It did include my first 5 miles for Mommy Run Fast's 5 by the 5th Challenge, which I am participating in this year. So I guess that is something.

I had grad plans of doing a January goal review and February preview, but now it is February 12 (let's see if I manage to get this posted today!) so that seems to be a little bit pointless. Regardless, everything has kind of been on hold because J and I have been spending every waking minute trying to make sure that our home is prepared at all times for someone to come in and see it (and hopefully make an offer on it!) Our entire lives since February rolled around has been focused on this one singular goal. It has cut into everything else.

Work has also been busy for me. Month end came up way too quickly, and now I am getting ready to roll into the annual financial statement audit time, which is just as hectic for me.

I am hoping to escape for 5 miles at lunch today. 5 miles is kind of my go-to easy run, and so I would love to be able to get out there and get it done just to feel better. The fact that I have missed a few long runs in a row because of house hunting is not going too well for me and my training for the Glass City Marathon Owens Corning Half Marathon.
There has definitely been a rough few weeks that I have gone through now, and I am sure there are a few more to come, but I know at this point I will finish the race. I am still trying hard to hammer through my planned speedwork, because I am still really hoping for that big PR! But who knows where I will end up.

At the advice of Karen, I think I am going to add childcare for $10/month to my gym membership. That is a month-to-month commitment, so when/if we move and I cancel my membership I am not stuck because of adding that. And for now, I can take her with me on Saturday mornings and hammer through a long run on the treadmill. So that is my tentative plan at this moment. I am going to call the gym either this afternoon or tomorrow and get it done.

Speaking of little Miss Addie, she turned 6 months old on Sunday!

How on earth did my little booger get so big?!?

Her first tooth popped through her gums in just the last week, which is definitely leaving me question how much longer I want to continue nursing. She can be quite forceful already, and this is only going to make it moreso!

How are the rest of  you doing?


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