January Look Back

Look at me trying to blog two days in a row (fingers crossed that it works out for me!). I know that this week has been a long one and a rough one, but I am really hoping to come out on top. And with that, I am going to do a 2014 goals recap for Janauary, even though it is now mid-February. It will make me feel good knowing what I managed to get done last month since this month has kind of felt like a waste so far!
I cooked a new recipe (from a cookbook as planned!) I have both of Jessica Seinfeld's cookbooks, where you include pureed vegetables in the recipes. It is generally used for kids, but J and I bought them figuring we were not the greatest at vegetable eating. (Now they will come in handy in the future for Miss Addie!) So I made from her cookbook for a side dish for us her cauliflower gratin!
I ran 88.84 miles in Janaury, which is shy of my 100 miles/month goal, but it was the most miles I have logged in a month in some time, so I needed to be proud of myself for that. Logging miles has not been easy since Addie entered my world, and it has been even more difficult with work being hectic and all spare time on weekends being taken up by house hunting/cleaning. So things will pick up, I am sure of it.

We went on a babyless date! It took all the way to the end of January, but we got one in. J and I went to see The Book of Mormon at the theater downtown when it was here. Prior to the show we had a couple of beers and an appetizer at Rock Bottom. Then they ended up closing the bar because a pipe burst and started POURING water into the restaurant! We saw it on our way out, and that was amazing. I am SO GLAD that we didn't have any of that to deal with at our home.

I participated in TWO Blog campaigns in January. This is pretty exciting stuff. You may remember my post on Vega One and I also worked on a campaign with Diet-to-Go!

I read one book. It was the book that J gave me for Christmas, edited by Runner's World, called Going Long: Legends, Oddballs, Comebacks and Adventures. I love a good running book! He found this book on Amazon himself and decided that he thought I would like it. He won!

Overall, I would say January went pretty well, so I am hoping that it is a sign of things to come this year (hint: it is not, at least not for February!) How are your annual goals coming?


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