A Long Run... Finally

I finally managed to get my rear end to the gym on a Saturday morning. I brought Addie with me and she finally got to experience the kids klub (they spell it with a "k" at LA Fitness). J was not overly thrilled with me taking her there, he was worried about the germs from strange kids - that is the difference between that and her regular daycare, strange kids. But I felt like this is something that we need to experience.

I didn't want to push it today, so I just decided to run for an hour. I wanted to make the most of that hour though. So I did the following workout on the treadmill:
I was inspired after seeing a very similar workout (although much faster!) from NYC Running Mama. I walked for another 5 minutes after that, and would up at 7.07 miles in 65 minutes.

Addie did very well at the daycare, so I am happy. I am no longer afraid to take her there, and this should (and will) become our little Saturday routine. Maybe we will even do this in the evenings sometimes if I do not get a chance to go at lunch! We will see.


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