Weekly Workouts: Week of January 13

So another week down toward training for my big time Owens Corning Half Marathon goals. Another week of hitting my mileage goals (overall) and finally bringing some speedwork and tempo type work back into play. I had taken some time from those after the holiday and honestly, was probably feeling a little bit lazy and a little bit unmotivated.

So last week I admittedly slacked a bit on the non-running activity. That always seems to be my problem when I start to focus on the miles. I drop the other things when time gets tight. I am not sure what the right answer is to that, but I guess I am happy with what I did do?

Here is a rundown of the week:
Monday: Speedwork, treadmill 5.25 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Maintenance run, outdoors, 5 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: Tempo work, fartleks, treadmill, 5 miles
Saturday: long run cut short by baby. 5.3 miles, treadmill

Total miles: 20.55

That Saturday long run... Ugh, I am disappointed, but I guess that is what training with a baby is going to be like for me. J has to work on Saturday mornings for the first quarter, so I am working hard to try and fit things in, because I still need to get the miles in. But my goal was to get 6.5 miles, and I only got 5.3. She just started crying and was not interested in calming down, even if I hugged her, rocked her, got her some different toys, etc. So that ended the run. She has a little cold (cough, lots of snot), so I am sure that that certainly does not help anything!

This morning we are officially moving into that 12 week window that is the norm for training for a half, so now is the time to buckle down and focus on my training. I am kind of looking forward to being in the "official" training window now, although I know that 12 weeks will fly by!

How did your training week go?


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