Weekly Workouts: Week of December 30

Well, we made it to Monday morning, which means it is time to recap my workouts of the week last week. I am officially pressing forward, training for my Owens Corning Half Marathon, part of the Glass City Marathon!
I felt much better last week than I did the week of Christmas, and therefore spent the week focusing on logging mileage rather than doing speedwork, etc. Not to mention the fact that we were kicking off the New Year and logging the first few miles of that! Starting a year nice and clean and fresh feels pretty awesome, so I am glad to have it.

So, here are the workouts I did for the week!
Monday: 6 miles, maintenance pace on the treadmill. 9:22 average. Walked 0.68 miles.
Tuesday: 5 miles, maintenance pace on the treadmill. 9:18 average at the gym.
Wednesday: rest/holiday
Thursday: 5.5 miles, home treadmill. 9:10 average pace
Friday: Strength training. 2 Tone it Up workouts from the "Love Your Body" Challenge
Saturday: 7 miles, gym treadmill, 9:18 average pace.
Sunday: rest

24.18 total miles (12.5 in 2014!) and 1 day of strength training with 2 rest days. Not the perfect week, but not too bad, and I am overall satisfied with that accomplishment.

I am semi-participating in the Tone it Up Love Your Body Challenge. I do have their nutrition plan, I am watching their show on Bravo (are you? do you like it so far?), and I have enjoyed any of their workouts that I have done. So I am checking in on twitter and fitting in the workouts on non run days and when I can! But I am definitely going to rock their 100 miles by VDay Challenge. I have that locked up.

How was your first (partial) week of 2014? Did you get in some workouts? Log some miles? Fill me in on your successes and struggles!


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