The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon - Running for Charity

Have you ever run a race for charity? Sure, you ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, which is obviously a HUGE fundraiser. I ran that, it was my very first race!

I also ran in the Kentucky Bourbon Chase Relay for the American Heart Association. The Bourbon Chase is a race that is easier to get into once you run it the first time, so my team chose to raise funds for a guaranteed entry. As a 12 man team, we had to raise $6,000 (or $500 apiece). They offered a website to do your fundraising on, and between family and my coworkers, I easily raised my $500.

If you are considering running the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, you might also consider fundraising for the race. The marathon is looking to raise a total of $75,000 for all of the charities involved, this is no small feat, but it can work out with the help of all of the runners involved.

I am choosing to spotlight Kids Unlimited, an organization in Toledo that I have some personal knowledge of because of friends that are involved in the organization.
Kids Unlimited has a healthy goal of raising $25,000 through the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, and that is possible with runners raising funds.

From the Kids Unlimited website:
Kids Unlimited commits to offering children in underserved areas the opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential. We will do this by helping them develop the necessary academic and social tools, along with a strong sense of values and character, within an atmosphere of love and respect.

You can find out more about Kids Unlimited by visiting their website. You can help them reach their goal for the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon by visiting their fundraising page.

To get more information about charities raising money through the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon, or to fundraise yourself, please visit the lead donation page here, and let's make a difference!


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