Maintenance Running - in the COLD!

So yesterday I headed outside for my run at lunchtime. It was back to being pretty chilly, but I packed my warmer clothes and had it in my head that I was going outside, and so I did.

J and I have slowly started to look for newer/bigger houses, something that hopefully would be our "forever home" and so I decided to run through some more "dream neighborhoods" in Montgomery. I do not know that we are quite there yet, but it was super nice to look. Regardless, here is what the run looked like yesterday for 5 miles.

Yeah, it was a little bit hilly and started to snow, so things were a little bit all over the place when it came to my pace. Oh well. I am still happy with the run overall.

I want to talk more about moving and stuff, I just do not have that much information yet, so wait for it, and it will come as I get it!

Hope you are having a great day!


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